Lokananda Samadhi Sukham
The bliss of Shiva is the bliss of the world.
Shiva Sutras 1-18

This sutra posits that everything you experience in the world, everything manifested is indeed the divine, that there is no dichotomy of sacred and profane. This aphorism is also a practice and a directive to not be distracted by outward appearances of worldly pleasure, but to instead recognize your own supreme Self in everything and everyone. Applied to marriage, this refers to the importance of anchoring the dance of husband and wife in the worship of Shiva and Shakti, in your deepest Self. It is from this understanding that we can approach the subject of sex: how to transform an act that arises from, and usually binds us to, our instinctive animal nature, into one that powerfully connects us to our intrinsically conscious, and divinely radiant nature.

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