Protection is a fundamental part of your practice, both in general as a couple and especially so when you are cultivating your sexual energy. Others will feel your radiance: it is juicy and desirable, and they will be warmed, uplifted, and inspired. But there are some who will parasitically drink from you, interfere, or fill you with their own dark wounds, consciously or unconsciously. Your astral or subtle body’s energy portals are opened by practicing sex and if you do not consciously modulate these portals, you can inadvertently enter or be entered by others. Interference may also come from some impersonal malevolent force, rather than a person. The phenomenon of “energetic invasion” or “energetic parasitism” cannot be easily explained in a brief essay, but once you experience it, it will be all too real for you and you will understand that it must be attended to.

There are many techniques that you can use, and some will work better for you than others. These may include:

  • Close or dim your chakras. This applies not only to the classical chakras located along your spine and in the crown of your head, but to others, such as those on your palms and the soles of your feet, your fingertips, your eyes and mouth, and any other portals through which your light may shine. Do not rely merely on popular descriptions of chakras: through meditation explore your astral body and perceive for yourself where energy centers and portals exist. You cannot modulate imaginary or conceptual constructs.
  • Practice being grounded. This includes being in nature, doing physical work, exercising outdoors, and energetically anchoring your being by visualizing and feeling the cord that connects you to the earth. While grounding, it can help to imagine that you are circulating your breath through your whole body. Be rooted in your body and in the sensations in your body.
  • Go into “stealth mode” in public. Just as you learn to turn on your radiance, learn to turn it off. Visualize creating a shell or a veil around yourself, or surrounding yourself in a light of protection, designed to seal off unwanted advances. When you are in private space, energetically seal off the room you are in to assure that you are safe, as if in a temple. Do this through prayer, ritual, and intention.
  • Perform mantra japa, as the power on mantra includes protection.
  • Refrain from sharing about your experiences and practices casually, and when you do share, speak only to the extent that is necessary for the person on the receiving end to understand in that moment.
  • Invoke the protection of your Ishta-devata, whether it be your Satguru, a deva, a deity, an angel, a host of wrathful dakini’s, or any other manifestation of a personal spiritual intermediary.

As you build your sexual energy as a couple over time, your unified force will itself also give you more power to create barriers of protection for yourselves and your work together.

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